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Designing and Transfering Micro-Systems Patterns to Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramics (LTCC)
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On this home page we'll introduce our research and highlight important areas on our site.


We have developed a Graphic User Interface (GUI) to simplify the use of the Jet Vapor Etching (JVE) system.  We consider every detail about how the JVE is operated; its functions and how it was done.  I found that some methods of input the data (in this case, coordinates) could be automated in order to minimize the work and time of this operation.  Another thing to consider was the method of reading computer images in bitmap format (*.bmp) and transferring it in the ceramic. I developed some function to change some color images to grayscale format to produce a gradient of dark (deep) and light (shallow) area on the ceramic.  In this research, we want to control the temperature and pressure directly from the GUI to the JVE.  In our program, we use the pressure to produce those areas (dark and light) on the ceramic.  Initially, the pressure is set to a standard value, but the pressure may vary depending on the shades of the bitmap patterns.



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